Teaching today, for tomorrow's future

A teacher is a craftsman, not a xerox machine. With the same motivation we a Sunshine teach and treat all our students with a sense of individuality in mind. The teachers establish a rapport and resonance, sensing unspoken needs, conflicts, hopes and fears. The faculty pledges to understand and love the students, to be just and courteous, to promote a spirit of enquiry, fellowship and joy in them and to set before them a high standard of character, discipline and ethical conduct. The atmosphere in the classrooms is caring and friendly, yet discipline as the most basic need is assiduously pursued.

S.No. Code Teacher's Name
1 124 Surjeet Singh
2 68 Rakesh
3 112 Kailash
4 147 Pragti
5 86 Maninder Kumar
6 90 Ranjna
7 152 Yogender Singh
8 143 Jitesh Gulati
9 154 Pawan Kumar
10 85 Kamaljeet kaur
11 151 Anuj Kumar
12 161 Dr Kumar
13 118 Balwinder Kaur
14 106 Parveen
15 130 Sumit
16 125 Suman Devi
17 155 Geeta Kumari
18 131 Sunil Kumar
19 71 Santosh
20 123 Surender Kumar


The medium of instruction adopted by the school is primarily English. However, due importance is given to Hindi, our national language.